Arizona Press Club announces the winners of the annual design categories

Community Front-Page layout/design

Judge – Andrea Zagata, a page designer for the New York Times.

First: John Layton, Arizona Capitol Times

“A visual interesting way to show a story with what I can only assume was very limited art options.”

Second: Sam Gross, Arizona Daily Wildcat

“This page is visually interesting but would benefit from fewer elements, as there are lots of elements competing.”

Community non-deadline layout/design

First: Sam Gross, Arizona Daily Wildcat

“An easy-to-follow timeline designed in an interesting way. This is something a reader will want to pick up and spend some time investigating.”

Second: John Layton, Arizona Capitol Times

“This has so much on it that it is hard to follow at times. It is extremely ambitious as a project and offers lots of different entry points for the reader, but is a little overwhelmingly and would benefit from some simplification of design elements.”

Statewide Page One layout/design

Results delayed.

Statewide non-deadline layout/design

Results delayed.

Statewide tabloid/magazine cover design

Results delayed.

Statewide multi-page design

Results delayed.

Statewide illustration, drawn

Results delayed.

Statewide illustration, photo-based

Results delayed.

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