Winners: 2016 Arizona Press Club annual student award winners

The Arizona Press Club is proud to announce the statewide student winners of the 2016 Writing Awards.

Judge Sandy Banisky is the former deputy managing editor of The Baltimore Sun and the  Abell Professor in Baltimore Journalism at the University of Maryland’s Philip Merrill College of Journalism.

Student investigative reporting

First: Staff,  News21

“Comprehensive reporting on the myriad barriers that face Native Americans who want to vote.  The text is paired with breathtaking photos and imaginative graphics in a digital presentation that is a pleasure to read.”

Second: Joshua Bowling, Cronkite News

“Strong reporting and writing built atop data, plus clean graphics, show how addiction has spread to the suburbs, taxing emergency rooms.  The subject is not new, but this package shows the depth and reach of the crisis locally.”

Third: Jacob Goldstein, The State Press. Diversity without Inclusion

“Racism  and xenophobia are old stories.  But in this article the reporter catalogues recent incidents of bias and interviews a variety of people to show how unwelcoming a campus can be.  With very interesting graphics and an interactive.”

Student news reporting

First: Chris McCrory, The State Press

“With Tweets, photos and video, a terrific deadline story on a contentious issue. The text captures the drama of the moment and the distress of the protesters”.

Second: Christianna Silva, Arizona Daily Star

“This story goes beyond the government process to talk with the people who explain the need and the concerns raised by residents.”

Third: Ethan Millman, The State Press

“A good exploration, through text and graphics, of a problem facing the campus: how to conserve water.”

Student features reporting

First: Sarah Jarvis, Cronkite News

“Well-reported look at problems facing a European minority in a nation that has moved to the right. With strong writing and lovely photos.”

Second: Alexa D’Angelo, The State Press

“A terrific look at the romance and mystery surrounding a Western theme: the search for treasure. An interesting bar chart captures how many people put themselves at risk in search of gold.”

Third: Savanah Yaghsezian, The State Press
“An exploration of the problems and benefits of building new houses for fraternities and sororities on campus. The article  doesn’t shy away from the issues surrounding Greek life.  It gives the reader background as it addresses the concerns of the university and police. And it gives advocates their say.”

Student sports reporting

First: Joe Jacquez, The State Press

“A lively look at how analytics work in this sport. The writer manages to convey the coach’s enthusiasm as she tries a new approach and watches her team improve.”

Second: Logan Newman, Cronkite News

“A well-told tale, taking the reader through Colangelo’s career and his impact on the Olympic team.”

Third: Kendall Valenzuela, The State Press

“The powerful life story  of an athlete who came from poverty.  With photos that capture her exuberance.”

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