Winners: 2016 Arizona Press Club Spanish language award winners

Journalists from the Arizona Daily Star’s La Estrella de Tucsón took first place honors in two out of the three Spanish-language award categories in the Arizona Press Club’s 2016 Writing and Design competition.

Curt Prendergast and Perla Trevizo were awarded first place in Spanish-language news reporting, for their series on the U.S.-Mexico Border.

Ernesto Portillo, Jr. of La Estrella de Tucsón took home first, second and third place in the Spanish-language commentary/analysis.

In the Spanish-language feature reporting category, Laura Gomez of the Arizona Republic took home first place for her story, “El reflejo del miedo de las mujeres transgénero en Eloy.”

All three categories were judged by William Wynn, a contributing editor for La Semana del Sur, a bilingual newspaper based in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Full results are:

Spanish-language news reporting

First: Perla Trevizo & Curt Prendergast, La Estrella de Tucsón; Series on the US-Mexico Border

Comments: “A well-written and comprehensive look at the myriad human and environmental issues associated with life on the border and the proposed wall.”

Second: Laura Gomez, La Voz Arizona; Series on Joe Arpaio

Comments: “Excellent reporting on the impact and downfall of the nation’s most notorious sheriff.”

Third: Ernesto Portillo Jr., La Estrella de Tucsón; “El sueño de esta Dreamer está en el scenario”

Comments: “A beautifully written article revealing the struggles and aspirations of an Arizona DREAMer.”

Spanish-language feature reporting

First: Laura Gomez, Arizona Republic; “El reflejo del miedo de las mujeres transgénero en Eloy”

Comments: “This is a well-rounded article about one of the most vulnerable cases in the life of an immigrant. The story’s sources include LGBTQ individual activists, various
organizations fighting for LGBTQ rights, the Immigration and U.S. Customs Enforcement, the American Civil Liberties Union, and victims of this flaw in immigration law.”

Second: Lilian Lopez, La Estrella de Tucsón; “Centro Muhammad Ali: la fuerza para seguir peleando.”

Comments: “This article covers a disease that is not discussed enough, especially within the Hispanic community, and that usually attacks elders, a very vulnerable and sometimes forgotten population. The story describes the disease, talks about the Muhammad Ali Center, and introduces individuals affected by the disease.”

Third: Ernesto Portillo Jr., La Estrella de Tucsón; “Desde Tucsón: De la prisión al temple.”

Comments: “A well-narrated story about the great change in a man’s life. Ernesto Navallez spent his life being an outlaw and constantly reentering prison, but made a 180-degree change in his life and is now a positive force among his community.”

Spanish-language commentary/analysis

First: Ernesto Portillo Jr., La Estrella de Tucsón; “Republicanos procrean hijos de la SB 1070”

Comments: “An insightful analysis of how an emboldened legislature continues to attack a vulnerable segment of the population.”

Second: Ernesto Portillo Jr., La Estrella de Tucsón; “Personas transgénero buscan igualdad.”

Comments: A provocative piece on a timely topic that is too-often under-reported, especially in local Spanish-language media.

Third: Ernesto Portillo Jr., La Estrella de Tucsón; “Hablar de tortura es el primer paso para erradicarla.”

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